Apple Announced The New Apple Card: Apple’s Credit Card


By: Omer Do Santos

Apple has recently announced the Apple Card, a credit card version for Apple. It will be released in Summer 2019. Apple states that this card will be better than other credit cards, with a simple application, no fees, low interest rates, and better rewards for users.

It will be a physical credit card, with no credit card number, CVV, Expiration Date, or signature. Additionally, most of the information is stored in Apple’s digital wallet app. Another benefit of the Apple Card is a 2% cash back on items using the Apple pay. There is a 3% cash back for buying things from Apple using Apple Pay, and 1% cash back using the Apple Card. Also, Apple has no late fees, no annual fees, and no over the limit fees.

This Apple Card can be an alternative for people with Apple phones, which can be a huge success for Apple. However, we need more information about this product before it releases.

This relates to engineering because the digital Apple Card’s app requires programming, coding, and designing.

The article link is here.