Day 9 Levitating Top: Adding a Magnet


By: Omer Do Santos

After starting to test my Levitating Top, I realized something strange. The top wasn’t really starting to levitate, so using the website here, I concluded that my top was a little too heavy. I knew that I couldn’t just diminish the weight of the top, so I decided to add another magnet. I used a rectangular, black bar magnet and made sure that its six fits exactly in my base. After getting the magnet, I had to figure out which side I would use. This was easy, because the magnets on the inside would repel the other magnet. So after one side repelled, I concluded that it was the right side. While putting that in the base, I used duct tape to stick it down. I was sure that using this magnet will help me increase the chance of this top actually levitating. In conclusion, I used a small magnet to stabilize the levitation and help the top.