Pikmin 3 Enemies from H-J


By: Michael Le

For H there is only 1 enemy… its called a Hermit Crawmad. This Crawmad is only a smaller version of the Bug-eyed Crawmad, but its weakness is its soft back. It charges into you and takes any Pikmin back to its burrow.

Hermit Crawmad in game in its burrow.

Next is the Iridescent Flint beetle. This Enemy tends to avoid combat and if hit by a thrown Pikmin, will drop Pellets or Potions and sometimes nectar to make Pikmin into flowers. It runs pretty fast to bring everything you can to get good stuff.

Iridescent Flint Beetle in game

Next is the Joustmite. This Enemy, like its cousin, the Flighty Joustmite shoots out a tongue that impales Pikmin to eat them. easy to defeat as you can bum rush it from behind.

Side view in game of the Joustmite

This relates to engineering because the Pikmin are plants and The game requires coding.