Meet Google Stadia: The Future of Gaming is Here

Meet Google Stadia: The Future of Gaming is Here

By: Omer Do Santos

Meet the future of gaming! This gaming system is neither a console nor a system, but a streaming service. This streaming service is called Google Stadia, and it allows you to stream high quality games on almost any device. The quality can be 1080p, and the creators state it can be up to 4k, making it rival any non-portable consoles such as the PS4 and Xbox. It will release in the summer of 2019.

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This product will be able to play almost any game, anytime and anywhere, by using the Cloud to stream and play games. This idea has been around for a while, and some people are in favor of using the Cloud because it is portable and efficient. On the other hand, others say that it should not use the Cloud due to the connection to fast WiFi that is necessary. Another drawback is that the resolution can worsen depending on location and connection.

Here is more information about Cloud gaming. In conclusion, this is made possible by using the Cloud, but some people have their doubts about using the Cloud. However, Cloud is the best way to stream the games, which is Google Stadia’s main function. Though it may need a fast WiFi connection, that is made up for by its size and portability.

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Google states it will expect the Google Stadia the be very efficient in its games. It is expected to run 1080p or 4k, if the device is powerful enough. About 25 Mbps for a 1080p resolution and a 60fps is needed for a stable connection. But an amazing 4k view and a good connection to the server requires 30 Mps. Here are the basics on how 4k works. Thus, the resolution and screen quality depend on the device’s limitations and the strength of your internet connection.

This relates to engineering because when Google use the engineering process to build the Google Stadia. It is likely that some gamers can’t really play, since they can’t afford consoles and other devices. So then, they must have researched how to make it official, and thought of using the Cloud to stream games. The creators must have also thought of the requirements to do that: a stable connection and a device. After, they must have developed a solution, made a prototype, tested it, and fixed any problems. Finally, they announced the product.

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In conclusion, Google Stadia will soon be released in the summer of 2019. It will be able to stream games on almost any device by using the Cloud. Some say using the Cloud is good, while some don’t. For the Google Stadia to work properly, you must have a secure and quick connection to WiFi and a device to stream the game into. Google Stadia will be capable of streaming 1080p games to 4k games. We do not know how much Google Stadia is going to cost, but you can sign up here to hear the latest news.

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