How to Make Earbud Holders


By: Natalie Morgan

For this article, I will be showing you how to make your own 3D printed earbud holders.

Step 1: How to Make an Earbud Compact- Create 2 Halves

The author created there model in Sketch up though you can use any 3D software you prefer. Just be sure that you can measure dimensions with some precision.

The first thing you want to do is create 2 symmetrical halves for the compact. They don’t have to remain the same but the edges that come together should line up. The bottom half should have a relatively flat surface on the underside.

Step 2: Add a Hinge and a Clasp

Once you have a shape you’re happy with you’ll want to add a hinge and clasp.  The hinge is essentially 3 parts – the bottom tubes, the top tubes and the rod that goes through them. For the hinge be sure to leave enough clearance so that the moving parts are not fused together as one. For Shape ways it needs to have a . 5 mm clearance.

For the clasp you can take a look at a compact you have or anything that operates in the same way to get an idea of how to model it. The author looked at a floss container. The authors was practically a flap on the top half that was flexible enough to pass over the bump on the bottom and stay in place.

Step 3: [Optional] Add Your Earbud Holder/Winder

This is an optional part of the design but it makes it much easier to store your earbuds in your compact if you have something to wind the cord around.

Step 4: Testing Your Design So Far


Step 5: Make Sure It Fits


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Here is another way on how to make your own earbud holders: