The New Samsung S10E: The Samsung “Budget” Phone


By: Omer Do Santos

The phone that all budget phone users have been waiting for, the Samsung Galaxy S10E, has finally arrived! First of all, the price is 750 dollars, which is a normal price for a premium phone. The screen size is 5.8 inches, good for a phone. It has almost all of the features of the Galaxy S10 too, such as the processor and camera quality. Unlike the S10, however, the fingerprint reader is on the screen itself, rather than the side. Furthermore, it has a slower RAM than the S10, which can be a serious downside.

But overall, the phone is not very different from the S10. I would even consider this phone better than the S10, because the S10E does not really sacrifice much, but is cheaper. There isn’t much of a downgrade from S10 to S10E. Overall, if you want a new premium Android phone, while saving about 250 dollars, this phone is just for you. It has almost all of the benefits from the S10, and it doesn’t cost much. It is a win-win situation.

This relates to engineering because a phone requires building, coding, programming, and problem solving.

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