Pikmin 3 Enemies from A-C


By: Michael Le

Pikmin 3 is a multi-tasking game when some objects require a specific amount of pikmin to do. But it is also inhabited by enemies. some wacky, some scary, and some plain silly. If you read the title, this is only from A to C… anyway the Arachnode is a Spider that if something hits its web, pops out from its bulb like form and goes for it. It is a weakness to Winged pikmin but can be killed by throwing 3 rock pikmin at it.

Arachnode and its web in game

Next is the Arctic Cannon Larva. This larva shoots out a snowball that when it hits a pikmin, they get stuck and gets knocked over, does not kill unlike its relative, the Armored Cannon Larva. Best course of action is to get behind it and bum-rush the Larva.

The Arctic Cannon Larva above ground in game

Next is the Arctic Cannon Larva’s Relative I referred too. The Armored Cannon Larva. The Armored Cannon Larva is a larva that shoots out rocks that KILL pikmin. Not all in actuality. It can’t kill Rock Pikmin as they are immune to “Crushing” and Winged Pikmin fly right over it. Very dangerous to proceed with caution.

Armored Cannon Larva in game

Next is the Bearded Amprat. This rat or guinea pig can make its fur electric and can shock pikmin and then eat them. Yellow Pikmin are immune to electricity and can easily kill it. Thankfully, in Pikmin 3 electricity is no longer a 1 shot kill. In Pikmin 2 it was an insta-kill and it was a dangerous hazard to fight against with no Yellow Pikmin with you.

Bearded Amprat in game

Now, there are a bunch of Blowhogs out here. Be it fire or water or puffy. We will start with the Fiery Blowhog. This pig type enemy can blow out fire that will light pikmin on fire.. except for Red Pikmin as they are immune to the fire. Same stratagy, throw reds at it, once they get thrown off, whistle them back. rinse and repeat the process or just charge all your pikmin onto them.

Fiery Blowhog in game

Next is the Watery Blowhog. As its name suggests, it spews water at your pikmin which can make the drown… except for Blue Pikmin, as they are great swimmers and are immune to water since they have a “mouth” that is actually gills.

Watery Blowhog in game

Next is the Puffy Blowhog. The Puffy Blowhog is very annoying that it blows on pikmin to make them fall down. Making them stop doing Automated tasks and can potentially blow them into a hazard. Just spam pikmin on it until it falls then rush it with everything you have.

Puffy Blowhog in game

It relates to Engineering because it requires multi-tasking which is required in engineering. Its also biological too since pikmin are walking plants. It requires coding to finish up this game.