# ChopShop Magport Finished Install


By: Milo Hartmann

We recently finished installing the Magport Pieces to create a better vacuum system. It was difficult to get all of the ports to fit because the 2.5″ flex hose didn’t flex enough to fit snugly over the vacuum ports on the power tools. It was a tight fit, but in the end, it worked well. When we tested the system, it worked perfectly. The only issue for with the pieces is that the magnets are very strong and can be difficult to disconnect sometimes. It was also difficult to screw on the clamps without them moving around. The 2.5″ vacuum hose was also hard to cut evenly so that it would fit.  We also cut off part of the 4″ vacuum hose, because it was worn and had holes. The whole install took about 2 hours total, but stronger and more experienced people could have done it in 1 hour.