What is the purpose of the 2DS


By: William Wong

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The Nintendo 2DS was released on October 12, 2013. Most people didn’t care about the 2DS because they all have their 3DS which can play games 3D. Many people saw flaws on the 2DS right away when it came out like It wont fold, 3D was removed, cheap, etc.

Video explains the pros of the 2DS and why its a good handheld

Even though the 2DS seems dead by now it is one of the best handhelds that Nintendo made, the reason that the 2DS was made is that it was made mostly for kids, or if you want to play this specific game on the 3DS but don’t want to buy its expensive price tag then you can go for the 79.99 2DS that even bundles with a game most of the time.

This relates to engineering because engineers had to build and program the device.