Mercedes AMG Package


By: Kai Hartmann

by Didi_2

The Mercedes AMG package has been around for 51 years. Originally, it was in its own company and you would drive to the shop right after you had been to Mercedes. However, the sporty, luxury package soon became a part of Mercedes after they realized what a valuable asset it could be.

For the Mercedes AMG package, you get everything to an upgraded engine, interior, and price. The package usually makes the car cost about 10k more, but on some already extremely high priced cars it could cost way more, up to twenty thousand more. The engineering, that goes into upgrading an engine is quite complex and is usually designed and tested by a team of experts whenever a new car or package is release.

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If the package is too expensive and you only want certain items, then you can individually select them and pick and choose. However, if you want a lot of items yo may have to click select all on the website, because AMG packages while carrying a lot, they can’t be many things at the same time.

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