Sony Touchscreen Dualshock


By: Milo Hartmann

In the fall of 2017, Sony filed a patent for a touchscreen controller. It could be the next Dualshock which would follow the Dualshock 4, which is currently out. The touch screen would replace the large touchpad button, which is rectangular and sits right in the middle of the controller, taking up a lot of space. The touch screen would potentially take its place in the next controller. While Sony hasn’t released any Playstation 5 prototypes or anything like that, the PlayStation 4 is already about 5 years old and will need a predecessor sometime soon. The PS5 could be released with the touchscreen controller. Sony also has not mentioned any plans about its next controller. 

Sony has not created a new controller, but they have modified a current one, which requires a lot of caution and engineering to make sure that the current controls which are supposed to stay the same aren’t damaged or changed, and they have to get the touchscreen and all of its controls and wires to fit into the compact controller.