Levitating Top Day 2: The Materials & Cost


By: Omer Do Santos

After researching for about an hour, I have decided on the basic materials needed to make the Levitating Top. It requires magnets, and you can use wood or 3-D printing. You would need two types of magnets, which are very magnetic and possibly dangerous if used the wrong way. The cost I am able to calculate right now is 21.91 dollars, for just the magnets and shipping. I couldn’t calculate the rest, since I am still deciding whether I should use wood or 3-D printing materials. I will get the two types of magnets at Home Depot, and would get the rest at a later date. My list of materials is:

  • D82-N52 Magnet from Home Depot
  • RC62 Magnet from Home Depot
  • A wood that is 1/4″ Thick, 3 or 4 inches in diameter
  • Or a 3-D printed base
  • 3-D printed Top

Here is the link for the D82-N52 Magnet from Home Depot. Here is the RC62 Magnet from Home Depot. And Here is the file for the 3-D Printed base and top.

I will explain how to make the levitating top at a later date, and I will discuss about my purchase order next time. Here is a reference and a deeper understatement and list on instructable.com

See you next week or so!