Stardew Valley Rare Events


By: William Wong

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Stawdew Valley is a indie game about taking over your grandpas farm. Your grandpa gave you the farm because he knew he had no more time left in the world. Later on the game there is a shrine that was named Grandpa’s Shrine, in year 3 you pray to the shrine and when you go to sleep you see your grandpas spirit rating how good your farm is. Sometimes throughout the year a random events will happen, a message when you sleep will appear.

The Meteor Event

The Meteor Event is a event that happens when you get the message “An explosion was heard in the night.” When you came to check out your farm you might notice that a meteor has landed and when broken it will drop stone, geodes, and Iridium ore.

Owl Statue Event

This is the owl statue event, a really rare event that could happen to you. During the night you will not get a message that the event happened. The only way you would know if it happened is that you will see a random owl statue on your farm.

Capsule Event

This is the last event that will be talked about here but it isn’t that last event in the game. Same as the owl statue event you will not get a message that a event will happen, This is a strange event that will happen on your farm called the Strange Capsule event. The Capsule will be on your farm same as the owl statue and you might not think about it and leave it there, but in the next 3 days you will notice that the capsule is broken and the thing inside was gone…

A video going over most events that wasn’t pointed out in this post. It goes into brief detail on each event and how do you know when it happens.

This relates to engineering because someone had to program the game for all these events to happen.