The All New BMW X7 Release


By: Milo Hartmann

The all-new BMW X7 will soon be released in April of 2019. The X7 is BMW’s latest new model to help complete their SUV lineup. The 3 rows BMW X7 is set to compete against bigger SUVs than the smaller 2 row X5. 


The X7 shares the classic BMW 7 series sedan rear with a chrome bar connecting the tail lights. The X7 also has the same chrome trimming on the side as the sedan. The BMW also comes with the latest BMW halo headlights, classic BMW kidney grille, and dual rear exhaust tips. While the X7 prototypes have been showcased at many car shows, the X7 revealed at the Geneva Motor Show is the most accurate to the production model. The X7 shares this look with the refreshed and new X5 except for all of the chrome. The X7 is about 10 inches longer than the X5, one inch taller and has basically the same width. This allows for the extra third row. For a lot of BMW’s lineup in general many of the cars have had their grill enlarged by 40%. Like the latest slew of new BMW models, the X7 also has a connected kidney grill.


The interior of the X7 has the updated BMW infotainment system and has the same style as the front dashboard with two angular vents, and the same steering wheel. The gauge cluster is now electronic and probably comes with a head-up display. The car also has 3 moon roofs and a leather interior. This is a 6-7 seater car.


The car has an automatic STEPTRONIC 8-speed transmission with a manual and a sport shift mode included. This can be coupled to a 3.0 liter inline 6 twin turbo, or a 4.4 liter V8 twin turbo. Both come with all-wheel drive. The engine models are the X7 xDrive40i or the X7 xDrive50i. The engines have 335hp and 456hp, 330 and 479 torque respectively. BMW used the CLAR platform for the X7, which is also found in the G30 BMW 5 series, the G11 7 series and the G05 X5. The BMW X5 also has the same motor and transmission options as the X7.


Except for the motor, transmission, and platform, BMW had to build a whole new car from the platform up. This requires a lot of communication from the design team, who want the car to aesthetically fit in with BMW’s lineup and the engineers, who want the car to perform well and be usable. The car will start at a base price of $73,900 which is about $13,200 up from the $60,700 base X5.