Day 1-The Levitating Top


This levitating top may seem like its floating, but it can be done using the power of magnets!

By: Omer Do Santos

Today I chose what my project would be, and decided that I would make a “levitating top.” The materials for a “levitating top” are very basic, and magnets are the key for this project. There will be a magnet at the top and magnets at the base. So when you spin the top, you would have to manually adjust the height of where the top would be floating with a flat surface. When you adjust it enough you would be able to put the flat surface down, and the top would be floating! It may seem like magic, but the magnets in the top and the base are repelling each other. And so, that is what I will build. This levitating top will cost less than 25 dollars, if I got my math right. Wish me luck!


Here is where how it looks and how to make it!