Jahkar Material Research

Jahkar Material Research

By: Gavin Bates

One of the main components required for our Jahkar project includes a VEX Robotics kit which cost a whopping $1,500. However, this kit was unavailable, and so we were tasked with calculating the cost of purchasing each separate item included in the kit. After spending a while adding together the costs of the 100+ items in the kit, it was found that purchasing the separate items would cost $300-400 than buying the kit. It is still being decided if it is worth it to purchase the separate items, or to wait until the kit is available.

The parts of the kit

This relates to engineering because it is important to purchase all items needed for a project. It is also important to research prices so that you can get a good idea about how much items cost.

Vex robots made with the V5 Super Competition Kit