Town of Salem – Jailor

Town of Salem - Jailor

By: William Wong

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A game called Town of Salem is a game about finding the mafia or evil roles then trying to remove them. There is a role called the Jailor, the Jailor can bring someone to their jail each night and talk to the prisoner, You have a chance to execute them in jail but you only can do it 3 times. You will only know who the prisoner is but the prisoner will not know who you are. If the target seems susp (short for suspicious) you can execute them, but if they are town and you killed them you will lose all your remaining executes.

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The coding for jailor is very complex, the code needs to know who you want to jail and bring them to the jail to talk with them only, also the code needs to know if you are going to execute someone and make sure that specific person is executed and not another. On the other side as the prisoner also has part of the coding because the code needs to make sure you don’t know the jailors name when he/she chats to you.