Babel-Fish Earbuds

Babel-Fish Earbuds

By: Nimesh Rudra

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Google’s Babel-fish earbuds and cellphone used for real-time language translation
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Google presentation of their Pixel Buds for $159

Did you know there are more than 6,500 spoken languages in the whole world? With this many different people from various cultures and nations, it must be difficult for two people on opposite sides of the world to communicate and understand each other. Families have difficulties making connections with different languages as a barrier. Well, the Babel-fish earbuds are here to solve that very problem.

The Babel-fish earbuds translate a language to another in real time. This piece of technology created by Google, needs a phone and the earbuds. There are two people involved to make this work. One wears the Babel-fish earbuds and speaks in their desired language. The other person who has a phone will get the translated version in their desired language through the cellphone speakers. The translation is defaulted to English, but it can be changed. Then the person with the phone can speak into the phone, and the translated version will go to the earbud wearer through the earbuds.

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The process with which the Babel-fish earbuds translate languages

The earbuds have been produced in many forms through many largely-renowned companies, such as Google. They call their product, the Google Pixel Buds. Google sells this specialized earbud for just under $160. They have made it at a decently cheap price to bring more customers in for the product.

Cartoon about the diversity of languages around the world

This invention will revolutionize how we talk and understand one another. Many families who have immigrated here, have kids who do not understand their native tongue very well. When the kids have to communicate with their elders, who in a lot of occasions don’t speak in the same language as their descendants, these earbuds can help. Now, grandparents in many inter-linguistic families can efficiently communicate with their grandchildren and beyond.

Some critics say that learning a new language is relatively easy, so there is no need for these specialized earbuds. However, it is not as easy as many think. That is why it is recommended by numerous experts to attend a class to learn a language instead of just studying off a textbook. Unfortunately, the cost coupled with transportation and time issues, makes it hard for many to take the effort to learn a new language. These Babel-fish earbuds will prevent the need to attend a class with an inexpensive convenient option to understand someone when they converse in a language that differs from the one you speak.

This relates to engineering because it shows how engineering can be used to make international communication easier. Google and other companies used the engineering process and principles to solve a common problem between two people that have different nationalities.

Overall, the Babel-fish earbuds have many positive aspects and it can solve numerous issues that millions of people have an awkward feeling about. I, as the author, recommend all the readers to purchase this latest technology and it will solve the many linguistic challenges you have, like I have experienced through prior experience.

Below are some videos and links for more information about this revolutionary technology! The following links are about language barriers and how the babel-fish works.