Portable Electric Hovershoes


By: Duncan Kelleher

Introducing ZUUM the most portable electric transport ever. ZUUM goes underneath your shoes when moving and allow you to go up to 8 MPH in whatever direction you want. ZUUM is controlled like a hoverboard, so to go forward you lean forward, and the opposite to go backward. These small shoe-like devices allow you to move around at a quick pace without getting tired. ZUUM has wheels on the bottom of the device which move the rider. ZUUM is not out yet and for the basic model it will be $599. The maximum weight of ZUUM is 220 pounds.

The ZUUM hovershoes relate to engineering because these shoes have a software that helps to control the ZUUM’s stability so the rider can safely get on and ride without falling. Also, ZUUM must have some sort of weight sensor so ZUUM knows to move forward or backward depending on where a person is leaning. ZUUM is water resistant so the makers must have made sure to enclose the insides with a water resistant materiel. To find ZUUM go to kickstarter.com and search ZUUM.