How many Dimensions are there?


By: Andrew Kraden

The most commonly accepted theory is that there are 10 dimensions, although we will never know how many dimensions there are this theory make the most sense. In each dimension the surface area gets multiplied by itself. For example, a square has a surface area of the measurement squared of length times height. A square is a two dimensional object, so if you take a cube it will be L x W x H cubed, that would be 3L x 3W x 3H. This is where we run into a problem, because we don’t know another measure. In a 3d object it is length times width times height. We don’t have a 4th side, we don’t know what it could be. How many dimensions are there is an impossible question to answer.

Here’s a Visual Guide to the 10 Dimensions of Reality

Engineers have to theories what other dimensions could be like.