Have You Heard About “Smart Locks”

Have You Heard About

By: jamillethe barrera

Have you ever heard of a “smart Lock”. The reason it called a “Smart” is because you can control  it with an an app. Instead, of have to get out your keys you go to the app on your phone and click on the button on your phone and your door is unlocked. If your in the middle of something and there is someone at the door you can see through the app who it is because it has a camera, and again you can unlock it the same way. You can set a time of when you want it to unlock if you are expecting someone to arrive.  This lock is one of the safest since it is all controlled by you.

This is related to engineering because it uses many engineering technique to get it well programmed like assistive technology this is part of it because it helps you in many ways and it may seem useful to many people. It helps in  more improvement in security.