Kevlar Shield


By: Charlie Ackla

Have you heard on the news of police men and women dying while on duty because of a gun-fight? Despite the bullet-proof vests they wear under their suits, they can still be seriously injured or worse. This new invention won’t prevent the deaths and injuries, but it will reduce the chances by a lot. Introducing the Kevlar Shield. The Kevlar Shield is just what it sounds like; a shield that protects our brave police men and women in gunfights. It’s very light and easy to set up and carry, but very strong and can stop bullets from basic handguns (the type that most criminals can afford). See for yourself.

The Kevlar Shield is able to stop bullets from 9 mm, .357 Magnum, and .44 Magnum pistols. The shield can cover up to three people. The price range is unknown (sorry, I couldn’t find any site or price range, if you find it, please put it into the comments section so I can edit this post) .Click this link read more on the Kevlar Shield.

The Kevlar Shield is and example of assistive technology. It helps make a police men and women’s job a lot easier (and a lot less painful)! Assistive technology is anything that helps make live easier and better.

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Easy to assemble for quick, hostile moments
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Easy to carry bag