WAS 3000


By: Achyut Pathak

Do you want to play music so a whole house can hear it? Well, that wish can come true with the WAS 3000 – the loudest speaker available to buy at home without inspection. This speaker can cause human death at its peak sound if played in a medium or smaller size room.

Here are the phases of this speaker at loud volume:

  • at 135 dB you experience a slight cooling sensation from the air
  • at 140 dB your throat and vocal chords start to vibrate
  • at 142 dB your chest starts to pound intensely
  • at 148 dB the vibration because uncomfortable and even painful
  • at 150 dB you experience the overwhelming sensation of being compressed as if underwater
  • at 155 dB the compression and expansion from vibration is felt to the core
  • at 158 dB the vibration is violent, and nausea becomes intense
  • at 190 dB eardrums rupture 50% of the time
  • at 198 dB human death from sound (shock wave) alone


This speaker can be deadly if not used correctly. The engineering compact behind this is the same as a regular speaker just the voltage and the power output is increased to make this speaker louder. Engineers had to design that mechanism so that it could reach a very high volume.

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