By: Farwa Khan


Minar-e-Pakistan is located in Pakistan, Lahore. The tower rises about 62 meters on the base, the total height of the Minar is about 70 meters above the ground. Tower construction was started on 23 March 1960. Construction took eight years, and was completed on 31 October 1968 at an estimated cost of Rs 7,058,000. It is built on the place where Pakistan resolution was passed. Every visitor who visits Lahore first time would like to visit Minar-e- Pakistan.

Minar-e-Pakistan was built to commemorate the Lahore resolution which on 23rd march 1940, in which Muslim league, only Political party of Muslims of the Indian sub-continent, demanded the separate home land for Muslims of sub-continent. The modern park where people visit day and night, which includes mountains and artificial lake as well. Visitors can climb up stairs for a beautiful view of Lahore city and its surroundings.

This relates to engineering because this got build and it took eight years to build this. When you go there you will learn a lot of history there. This relates to engineering because it took 8 years to build this and it cost so much more. It is 62 meters on the base. This is a national monument located in Lahore, Pakistan. This a beautiful place then any thing.

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