A Pioneering Nanotech Provide Life-Saving Solution for the Kidneys


(Left) diseased kidney & (Right) nano-treated kidney

This microscopic DNA-based nanostructures as support for acute renal failure or injury.

According to Interesting Engineering:

“An international team of bioengineers developed a preventative measure to stop AKI (acute kidney injury) from ruining another pair of kidneys. Self-assembling nanotechnology would latch onto the kidneys as a form of a protective layer.

The research was published in a recent edition of the journal Nature Biomedical Engineering.

The team created triangular, tubular, and rectangular shapes through a method called DNA origami. They used the base pairing of a DNA strand to make new structures that assemble themselves in different parts of the kidneys.”


This relate to engineering because of assistive technology engineering that help to make a new structure that fix themselves in the different places of the kidneys.

The self-assembling nanotechnology hold onto the kidneys as a protective layer.