Fixing Signs With 3D Printing (Part 2)


By: Justin Cudney

Click Here for Part 1

Last time we found a sign we wanted to fix, and created the .stl file for the broken letters. Now, it’s time to print. We load the .stl file into Cura, and slice it for the 3D printer.

It says it will take about an hour to fully print. To cut down on time, I printed each letter on a different 3D printer. The 3D printer finishes roughly when predicted, and we can now glue it to the sign.

Remember to always abide by all safety procedures, this means wear gloves and goggles, and do not allow any skin to touch the super glue.

The glue dries, and the project is complete. In total this took about an hour and a half, and pennies worth of PLA filament. The product is shown below.