3D Skull


By: Estephany Espinoza-Tobar

A very cute dachshund named patches ,who had lost part of it skull that was remove in  surgery, had researchers used 3D printer to create a custom titanium plate for a cancer-stricken dog.  Dr. Michelle Oblak from Ontario Veterinary College and Cornell small-animal surgeon Dr. Galina Hayes surgically remove a large cancerous tumor from the canine’s skull.  The small dachshund was left with giant gaps. With the new 3D printed skull, over 70% of the top skull was restored. Dr. Michelle Oblak said that having the 3D model help her have better and more solid plan than looking at the image on the screen .


This relates to engineering because they have to practice the surgery on the 3D model before actually doing the surgery on the patient. This also relates to engineering because someone has to build the actually model to have Dr. Oblak  know how to do the surgery.