Quantum Data Teleportation Just Came True?!


By: Sree Koganti


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People always fantasizing about teleportation and how they wish people could do it in real life. Well now Australian and Vietnamese scientists were able to quantum leap data. Successfully they were able to “destroy while recreating the exact file. They are planning to try to see if they can use this to pass on humans though and are still alive. The machine they used is now being redeveloped in a secure laboratory. Let me tell you how they were able to teleport the data. First they used a machine that fires particles at each other and sees if any new “entangled” particles. If there are they capture one and send the other one to the desired location.  Then they start using the particle in a movement that the computer can recognize and represent that data. Since entangled particles move in the same direction anywhere in universe if not observed or looked at directly. This started the data to be erased while being rebuilt with the same process. So that what they are using to teleport data. However human teleportation is not valid yet since we can’t go in the same process since we are made of more than 1 particle. Data however can change in size defending on the mass you have.