Facebook is Creating a Clone to Popular App “Tik Tok”

Facebook is Creating a Clone to Popular App

By: Jeffrey Ho

Facebook is looking to create another standalone app to compete with TikTok, the extremely popular 15-second video app, which recently merged with Musical.ly. According to a report, Facebook is trying to win people over with Lasso, an app where users can record themselves dancing and lip-syncing to music. The report comes after Facebook’s new music launched yesterday, in which the company rolled out lyrics to its Lip Sync Live feature. Lasso would most likely be the app version of Lip Sync Live, but as Facebook has licensing deals with major labels, Lasso would have access to songs longer than TikTok’s 15-second limit.


Engineers are designing the app and making it’s features, and if the reports are true, Lasso may become a popular app.