Hovering Hoverboard With Tony Hawk



By: Isabella DeStacy

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Tony Hawk is a famous skateboarder, and he is now helping invent the new hover board, except this hover board actually hovers. This hover board is called Hendo 2.0. It has a redesigned magnetic levitation. The current board is a hands free “hover board” and it is supposed to be like a hover board except it doesn’t hover, nor is it a board. It’s called the Hover Board Segway.

Tony Hawk had decided that he wants to be the first to make a hovering hover board. It’s taken many test runs and prototypes to figure out how they would make this board hover, and it’s also been a long journey to come up with this final product. Although they are still trying to figure out the kinks, this is a product I would like to have at my home.

I find it really cool how professional skateboarder Tony Hawk is helping invent the very first hovering hover board. I’m glad he’s trying to help the make the world like back to the future and give Marty McFly from Back to the Future a real hover board.

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