The New Intel I9-9900k CPU


By: Jeffrey Ho

The I9-9900k CPU isn’t the first core i9, but it’s the first that matters to gamers. Intel’s core i9 platform launched well over a year ago, bringing higher core-counts and clock speeds to home desktops. Those chips prioritized core count over clock speed. That’s not a winning combination for game performance and, as a result, the Core i9 chips often weren’t the best pick for games.  Intel claims the i9-9900K is the “world’s best gaming processor,” a processor that the average person was meant to own and use. Does Intel’s latest and greatest live up to the hype?

The results weren’t just impressive. They were record breaking, with benchmarks higher than any of the newest AMD processors or previous Intel ones. This relates to engineering in that the design of this new-age CPU was made possible by software and hardware engineers.