All Terrain RC Truck Project

By: JIrakorn Tanathongkul

We’re trying to make an all terrain RC truck for a little project for fun. All we have do so far is we took a part a RC car, and monster truck for parts to use. we are still dismembering the RC monster truck of the pieces so we can use it. We also still need to cut some wires to fully dismember the thing. Then we got to solder it back together. We cut off the pegs for the suspension off the monster truck to add on the final build. we also found so 3D printed tank treads on thingiverse. We are till planing on how we are going to add this instead of wheels. this is the link to the treads that we’re going to use. Now we have try testing the battery for the truck. We use an tester to figure out what is the charge on it.