Which Is Better For Plants, Blue Light Or Red Light?


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By: Ebaa Alzoory

Outdoors plants fully exposed to the sun receive both of the red and blue light, indoor plants might not get both lights, even if it next to a window it might not get all the light it needs.

If your plant is getting leggy or losing the green color in its leaves, odds are it’s not getting enough blue light, if it’s not flowering at a time you know it should, it’s probably lacking in red light.

So, Which is the best, red light or blue light?

The answer is plants need both of them to grow, and scientists can now artificially create that light.

Learn more in : https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/garden-how-to/design/lighting/red-light-vs-blue-light.htm

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This relate to engineering because engineers have to create artificial light in order to help planned missions out of the planet, for example, Mars. In order to sustain a colony we would need plants and artificial light is the only way to grow them.