The Lazy-Bot #1


By: Benjamin Pennington

What are we trying to do and what are we trying to solve? We want to build a robot that can be adapted to serve your needs. Our robot, the brand new Lazy-Bot, would be able to do everything from cleaning, to waiting tables for a restaurant. Lazy-Bot will have modular arms, that can be removed and put back on using magnets. We hope that Lazy-Bot will be able to live up to these goals.

Our project has limits, we have a $100 budget, we have to make Lazy-Bot with parts bought with these 100 dollars, however, we already have a few parts in the lab at our disposal.

Most robots are destined to perform a single task or a select few. But our robot will be designed to perform multiple different tasks to suit your needs, unlike many other robots that have come before.

If our idea is successful, people who run businesses would be able to have Lazy-Bot perform tasks that they want to have done. Lazy-Bot could replace jobs and businesses would pay less money due to there being fewer employees needed.

The risks to this project could include our plans not working out and the project becoming a failure. But failure should not stand in the way of our project. Multiple failures build to success.

The cost of our project is not set in stone, but we hope to be no more that 100 dollars. We think that our project will cost about $90

The time our project will take is not set in stone as well, but we estimate that our project will be finished by January 2019.

We have milestones and goals we want to achieve when making this project. Our first goal/milestone is to make a final blueprint to use. We also hope to find ideal parts after we make a blueprint. And finally to test our prototype and reach success.