How to Use the Afinia H800+


By: Nick Afanasyev

Here is the Afinia H800 User Manual on how to use it:



step 1: plug in printer with power adaptor and long press power button.

step 2: plug in a USB to connect to a computer.

step 3: Insert the end of filament into the Filament sensor, which is on the upper right side of the spool

step 4: Long press filament button, it should start feeding the button.

step 5: prepare the platform

step 6: choose and connect a printer

step 7: calibrate it, make sure the printer nozzles are set at 0.0.

step 8: press the 5 button to center the nozzle and lift the platform till its almost touching the nozzle with the move button.

step 9: auto or manually level the platform.

step 10:  reset will clear values and make sure to save for manual settings.

step 11: press filament button to pre-heat the material.

step 12: load the STL format model and press 3d print.

step 13: select thickness, infill and press print.

step 14: watch as it prints, the progress bar is located up by the AFINIA symbol.

step 15: wait for it to print, you can always pause if you want to.

step 16: enjoy your model.