How Ray Tracing works in the NVIDIA GTX 2080


By: Jeffrey Ho

NVIDIA’s new graphics card, the RTX 2080, has used Real-Time Ray Tracing in video games as one of it’s major differences from the 10-series cards, like the GTX 1080. However, what is Ray Tracing, and does it have a big effect on gaming?

Ray Tracing, commonly used in movies, is a rendering technique used by studios to generate light reflections and cinematic effects. It was first used in the movie Cars, which was released in 2006. Since then, it has been used in many modern films. Only certain games, however, support ray tracing in game. One example is the upcoming game Battlefield 5, which uses it to enhance things like materials and cars.

Engineers in this project had to design the 2080 to support Ray-Tracing independently, and make it appealing to gamers alike. The RTX 2080 has proven to only be 35% faster than the 1080, but comes along with many other features.