Apple’s iPhone XR


By: Benjamin Pennington

Apple Inc. had a “special event” on September 12th. During the event, they announced 3 new iPhone. iPhone XR was one of them. This new iPhone has a starting price of $749.

iPhone XR releases to the public during October. I comes in colors such as Coral, White, Black, Red, Yellow, and Blue. It uses Face-ID, Wireless charging, and an almost bezel-less display. It captures 4K video footage and runs on iOS 12. It uses Apple’s A12 Bionic Chip. The XR is marketed as a budget version of the iPhone XS and XS Max.

This phone is slightly different from the XS and XS max. For one, it is cheaper. And has only one camera lens, instead of the two on the XS and XS max.

This relates to engineering because engineers at Apple have been working and engineering to create new technology for their phones.