How to make a Retro Pie Console!


The Raspberry Pi is a very customizable computer, with its small size and decent power it can do all kinds of things. Instead of using a Raspberry Pi as a computer you can use it as a mini retro console that can play all types of games. Load your Raspberry Pi with RetroPie and play classics such as: Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, and Kirby! Learn how to make it with these videos and the article included below.

(Note: you can only play NES – PS1/N64 games)


Base on: RetroPie: Build your own


Items needed:

Raspberry Pi 3 B+ 

Micro USB

Or a Wall Power Supply

Raspberry Pi C4 labs case (You don’t need to have this case, any case is fine)

HDMI Cable

SNES Controller (Any USB controllers will work)

Micro SD Card

Micro SD Card Reader

USB Mouse and Keyboard 

Game ROMS – I can’t give a link but just google the game, look around, you should find one of the game you’re looking for. NES-N64


Check these two videos for extra information:




The RetroPie Console is a great example of engineering, it shows how much one small computer can do. At first game consoles and computers were chunky, slow, low in power, through the years we have created a tiny computer that can play any retro games that we can think of.