Valkyrie: NASA’s Robot


Source: Bill Stafford - NASA - JSC

PHOTO DATE: 12-12-13 LOCATION: Bldg. 32B – Valkyrie Lab SUBJECT: High quality, production photos of Valkyrie Robot for PAO PHOTOGRAPHERS: BILL STAFFORD, JAMES BLAIR, REGAN GEESEMAN

By: trevor bush

Valkyrie is a robot designed by engineers at NASA, the design was part of the  DARPA Robotics Challenge. Valkyrie is a life like humanoid robot that is considered gender less but some people say the robot is a girl. the Valkyrie bot is a huge statement on what NASA can make with the right funding.


the way the bot relates to engineering is all the mechanical and electrical circuits came from a design of an engineer.its amazing what NASA

can do engineering wise, and its a wounder what they will do next in there engineering program.