RFID in Our LIves


By: Jayashree Ezhilarasu

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RFID stands for radio frequency identification. RFID uses the electromagnetic wave to identify, track, and to get information from RFID chips. RFID used is for many things such as retail, animal identification; hospitals and the military also use RFID. Some retailers use RFID tags as opposed to barcodes. RFID tags are easier to read than barcodes since RFID tags can be read as long as they are withan range of a reader. Some retailers use RFID to figure out how many of something they have in their inventory. As well as retail, everyday people with pets also use RFID technology. The RFID tag is used for tracking animals like dogs. Dogs can accidently run away from home with RFID tags owners can easily locate their pet. Farmers often clip RFID tags to the ears of farm or ranch animals such as cows. Farmers can locate where the cows are when they are sent to be made into food. RFID chips are also used in hospitals for easy diagnosis and the hospitals use RFID in patient tags to figure out what prescriptions patients take and what condition they’re in. This is a faster way to check patients rather than to read their medical records.Hospitals also use RFID chips to figure out to if a patient has come in contact with a contagious disease.

RFID relates to engineering because the engineers had to go through the engineering process where they would have had to identify a problem and brainstorm ways to improve the situation. It trelates to the world because RFID tags are used everywhere in our everyday lives, by the military, and the use of RFID tags is only growing. RFID improves our lives and makes things easier for hospitals, stores, pet owners, sports, and many other things. In conclusion, RFID is becoming a part of our lives and we will most likely see it more in the future.