Final post for the #USSRking series

Final post for the #USSRking series

By: Nick Afanasyev

First of all, we weren’t planning on doing this project, at first I wanted to do a Geiger counter, but since we couldn’t buy stuff off of eBay, I couldn’t find parts for under 25$ on anything other than eBay. So I decided to partner up on one of my friends projects, He was making a monitor out of a laptop screen, and had the same problem as me, not enough money. So I gave him my money, and in return  we would be partners. After a few weeks I decided I wanted to get something for myself. So I came up with this:

First I bought an Ushanka and a USSR flag to decorate my room with. I was gonna add decorations to the Ushanka and make it a new coat of arms, but never got to it, as the 3D printer kept having problems.

Image result for ushanka'

Next I was gonna 3D print a hammer and sickle. I had already tried multiple times to 3D print it, but each time it either didn’t work, break during printing, wrong file type, or some other obstacle. Now I got a good file I can use, and am going to print it. I know it’ll turn out OK, because I’ve tested miniature versions.

Image result for ammer sickle 3d printed

Finally, I am done with the Picture frame and hammer and sickle inside of it. I have measured, cut, and sanded, a peice of wood. Then I took brass strips, and cut them to fit the borders of the wooden frame, and nailed them on. I used a metal cutting handsaw to cut through the extra nails sticking out, and disposed of them. Then I spent about an hour cutting and messing with scraps of metal for the sickle and hammer heads. Then I cut the star with 5 points and a center and glued them all to the board. Finally, we measured and cut the hammer and sickle handle. and glued the sickle to the board, with the hammer on top and star above both. Now we have a cool looking picture with a hammer and sickle in it.

Why this project? Well I recently noticed my room was seeming kind of bland, so I wanted to add a soviet to it. Viola, we have our decorations, custom ushanka, flag, hammer and sickle, and picture.

So here’s how this relates to engineering. We used the 3D printer for the Hammer and Sickle. We used the band saw, jigsaw, hammer and nails, handsaw, drill press, and sander for the picture frame. We also used the 3D printer for the ushanka. I used hammer and nails, hot glue gun, drill press, and metal scissors and saw for the picture and the frame. And that’s how our project relates to engineering.

There isn’t a lot to explain about how it works. i guess the band-saw works by spinning a blade on 2 wheels and using the speed and force to cut objects. the Picture frame works by nailing brass strips to the outside as a border, and gluing a hammer and sickle head and wooden handles to the frame.

So that is it, that’s our #USSRking project.