Not a very BRIGHT idea…


By: Alex Lopez

So I attached everything together again. The backlight inverter, the lvds cable, and the 7-key board. I plugged it into a computer via a VGA cable The setup looked like this.

We turned it on. At first it looked like nothing had happened. The screen was very much blank, and that we had broken something again

Just a reflection of the ceiling. Then we looked a bit closer, and then we could see a block moving across the screen (Not pictured, because the screen isn’t bright enough for pictures). Eventually, we realized that the text was in a different language. We used the controller (And very close watching) to change the language to english

Eventually, we got the input to change to “PC” and then the screen became more visible. If you looked closely, you could actually read the page. I determined that the issue was that the backlight wasn’t bright enough. I’ll be trying to fix it, in the meantime.