iPhone SE 2

iPhone SE 2

By: Aleya Banthavong

There have been rumours swirling around the web for weeks that a new iPhone model will be revealed at WWDC on June 4th, The iPhone SE 2. There have been many rumours about what it will look like. Will it have the same proportions as the old SE, how much will it cost, will it have a headphone jack, will it have a home button, will it have a glass back, and the biggest rumour going around, will it have the iPhone X display. Rumours say that the new iPhone SE 2 will have around a $450 price tag and it indeed will have an X interface. This is sure to be a hit will fans of the smaller phones. Wheater or not the iPhone SE will be revealed at WWDC or later in September, or if it’s even coming out at all, it is sure to be a big release for Apple.

Here are some mock-ups of the iPhone SE 2.

Image result for iphone se 2

Image result for iphone se 2Image result for iphone se 2

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