Why Mark Zuckerberg is a Lizard


By: Mohamed Hussein

There has been a conspiracy theory going around on social media that Mark Zuckerberg is a lizard. There’s a lot of fake evevidence to prove that. The famous conspiracy theorist David Icke wrote multiple books about half-human, half-reptilian hybrids that function as world leaders and business icons on Earth. Mark Zuckerberg is a business icon and world leader who is pretty much in a class of his own, so this fits the model outlined by Icke.  Also, in a livestream Q and A, Mark Zuckerberg said, and I quote, “When I was a human,” then soon corrected himself and licked his lips in what viewers catering to this conspiracy theory characterized as “reptilian.”

To go along with that, it is a commonly known fact that lizards are cold blooded. While Mark Zuckerberg was in Congress over the privacy issue with Facebook, he seemed to get very nervous and was wearing a full suit–which some advocating this particular conspiracy say are things that tend to raise body heat to an uncomfortable level. While he was in this state, he tended to drink a lot of presumably cold water and lick his lips, the same way others have characterized as a lizard would.

This relates to engineering because Mark Zuckerberg is the engineer of Facebook and many other social media apps.  It also illustrates how the technology industry is not immune to the impact of conspiracy theories and the worst aspects of social media.