Trash Pickup

Trash Pickup

By: shawn lisann

Every time you are done with something for good or the thing has no purpose, then the thing can be placed in the Garbage. Garbage goes by many names such as trash, waste, dump, etc… Trash is the most commonly used name for garbage today. About every week or so, you have to get rid of all your trash by placing your trash outside for a company to pick it up. Then, all the trash gets taken to the dump.

Trash pickup relates to engineering, because in order to pick up all the trash in the world, you would need to plan a good system on how to do so. You have to use the planning part of the engineering process to see how man trash cans need to be picked up, the fastest way on how to do so, and many more complications to help find you the most effective way to get your trash into the dump.

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