Juno The Mirror


By: Margaret Doan


Need perfect lighting while doing your makeup or even reading? Meet Juno, it is a smart mirror. It has lots of different light options for you. Also, has three different mirror settings such as daylight, sunlight, or even evening light. Therefore, it is control by an app on your phone to change the setting of the lights. The features of this mirror is, the app uses the sensors of your phone to find the perfect lighting in your house. In addition, it has a studio ring-light for selfies. The mirror can automatically set the lighting based on the environment. Another thing is, it can be a reading lamp as you can change it into a lamp instead of a mirror. It comes in three colors like matte white, blush pink, and rose gold. As, the Juno also has three buttons on the mirror itself, which is adjustable make up light, selfie light, and reading light. The cost of the mirror is $79. As, this is an amazing mirror to do makeup, read, and more.

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In my opinion, this is related to engineering because, the engineers have to cooperate to create the mirror. They could have encountered mistakes and errors while creating and programming the mirror. So, they have to work together to successfully create the mirror.