#makingmakeup Final Post

#makingmakeup Final Post

By: Grace Rose

This is our final post about making makeup in order to accomplish our goal we had to use the engineering process.

We started off with an idea and after that we had to figure out how to make the idea possible we started looking for formulas with natural ingredients. After we found a formula we started making a plan. We 3D printed makeup palettes for the makeup. When our ingredients arrived we looked at our recipe again and started to make our lipstick.  We started the recipe and changed it a little to make it better, for example we added extra pigment to the lipstick to make it more colorful. We mixed all of the ingredients together an poured them in the palettes.

Our project turned out successful the lipstick ended up working the pigment is not as opaque as we wanted it to be but the lipstick still has a slight tint and moisturizes your lips. If we were to recreate this we would add more pigment.

This relates to engineering because we followed the engineering process and changed and modified the formula to make it as best as possible we started with an idea then we created a plan and followed the steps.