How to properly use Plexiglas for the back of an LCD screen.


By: Alex Lopez

Not only do we need to sort out the electric aspect of this project, but we also need to make sure the monitor has a leg to stand on. By that, I mean we need to make it sturdier. We do this by cutting Plexiglas to attach to the back of the screen. Our first issue is that we can’t just make it a rectangle. There is a section I need to plug into the monitor that *cannot* be covered by anything.

We have to shape the Plexiglas to go around the highlighted section. We came up with a design in the shape of the below.

We then traced a this around a board of Plexiglas. We the cut it out. The tricky thing about cutting Plexiglas is that it can melt, not only making it look terrible, but also causing it to stick together again. We then sanded it to smooth out some of the sides and remove some of the molten Plexiglas. We ended up with the below.

Now we just need to find screws small enough to fit the monitor.