Behind The Big Purple Titan Thanos


With the hype surrounding Avengers: Infinity War, It has become one of the most anticipated movies in cinematic history. In it’s first week alone Avengers: Infinity War has generated $857.5 million worldwide. Avengers: Infinity War brings together characters Marvel has brought to life from the past 10 years. One character in particular stands out more than the others, Thanos. Thanos is a critical part of the movie and is one of the main characters of Infinity War, If not the most important. To have Thanos be accurately portrayed was very important. Thanos is almost all computer generated, they used a machine-learning algorithm that improved facial features over time by basically learning. This was important because they needed the incredibly subtle facial performance detail, like little twitches in the face and little quivers. Subtle things that aren’t obvious but critical for the dramatic performance.

Learn more about the CGI effects behind Thanos:

This relates to engineering because the CGI used to create Thanos had to be invented, designed, and tested.