Step 3 to making a Hovercraft(The Model)


The third step of our project was to make a model while we waited for our parts to arrive.

-We used multiple pieces of basal to make the base of the Model hovercraft

-A piece of plastic, form another group(Thank You), in place for the shower curtain

-Then we used a straw in place for the leaf blower

-And Lots of staples and tape

  1. Cut out two circles, with 4 foot diameters each
  2. Tape a piece o plastic on the edges of the circle
  3. Place the other piece of plastic on top  and staple it on
  4. Finally make a small hole in the middle of the model, just enough to blow some air into the plastic to make it inflate.

This relates to engineering because we had to figure out what steps we needed to take in order to build a hovercraft. We also had to plan what materials we needed.

Unfortunately, we are unable to download a picture on this other than the featured image, so the only image we have of our model is the featured image.